Customer results

Below are some of the results our SEO and Online Reputation Management (ORM) customers are achieving.  Our retention rate holds steady above 90% because our services work and we care about the success of our customers. We are very passionate about producing successful outcomes.


Author and CNN reporter

Client escaped a foreign country after authoring a series of articles about government corruption and illicit activities. In an attempt to ruin clients reputation, a defamation site was created that included fake stories and information.

Our AI for ORM pushed the defamation site off of the front page by ranking other properties above it. The site was also reported to Google and eventually after about 13 months the site was taken down permanently. 


alpha Suit

Alpha Suit provides young professionals with custom-made suits of exceptional quality. When Alpha Suit launched their newest location, our AI for SEO went to work and quickly drove new customers to their website and physical store.  


Hamilton county

A Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge was the unfortunate recipient of several negative blog posts.  Our AI for ORM successfully pushed 2 negative blog posts off the first page and had one page permanently removed.  The ORM campaign also moved a website and good social media to top 10 results.