Overcoming Tough SEO Challenges in 2017 & Beyond

It is often said that the tried and true methods are the ones that get the best results. In the ever-changing world of SEO, having a method that can consistently boost your rankings is worth every second and every dollar you invest into it. This is where Private Blog Networks (more popularly known as PBNs) come in. PBNs are the weapon of choice for any SEO warrior. They deliver results over long periods of time, but the results are consistent and persistent, an aforementioned rarity in SEO.

Experts agree that 2016 was a relatively tough year for SEOs worldwide. We’ve seen multiple Google Updates, ever-increasing competition, and those pesky negative SEOs targeting those hard-to-rank-for keywords. If you got delisted, or your rank simply tanked for more aggressively marketed sites, you’re not alone. The most alarming issue is that this trend has carried over to 2017.

Fortunately, there is our saving grace that has carried over as well: PBNs are still helping you rank and keep your ranks for a longer period of time, when built correctly. Before we get into PBN HOsting, let’s learn about why we need a PBN in the first place.

SEO Control

Having the ultimate control over SEO is not a mirage. The biggest names in the SEO industry have been consistently ranking for years, through large and small updates to the algorythms, they still find a way to rank. Why is that? Because they have absolute control over their SEO. Owning a PBN allows them to control their link building strategies and customize them based on the keywords they are trying to rank for.

Create Authority

How would you like to have unlimited access to links from authority sites on your niche? Building your own PBN allows you to create mini-authority sites that give link juice to your main “Money Site”. This process has been used for many years by the top SEOs in the world, with exceptional and consistent results. However, it’s not all rose petals and bunnies with PBNs. Experts agree that building a PBN the wrong way can severely negatively impact your rankings.

Moreover, all the time and money you had spent on building and subsequently scaling the PBN will be for naught. Don’t get caught sleeping on your PBN laurels, get the best advice and best hosting platform for your PBN to avoid footprints, and keep your money sites ranking high.