Artificial Intelligence WILL Revolutionize Marketers’ Lives

Marketers are usually the ones responsible for creating the buzzwords that follow us everywhere we go; that is, until artificial intelligence (AI) turned the tables and made the whole marketing industry buzz with excitement. But will AI make life easier for marketers or will it, in the end, replace them?

We believe that AI will not replace marketers but enhance their knowledge and experience. AI will help unlock deeper customer insights, communicate with prospects and customers more effectively and eliminate the more monotonous, impersonal aspects of our jobs.

As a result, consumers are looking to personal digital assistants (PDA) such as Siri, Cortana or Alexa to make their lives simple and easy. For common, basic necessities, such as cleaning products or groceries, we will happily let the machines make the decisions for us, as long as they comply with our parameters regarding price, delivery time, or other special requirements. Machines based purely on the parameters set by the consumer can order these types of items without any input from their masters. For such transactions, the best algorithm will win the purchase.

Larger, more emotional purchases require a human marketer to push the sale over the line. The AI will place the product in front of the consumer via a PDA, but the campaign’s creativity will be needed to connect emotionally with the customer to close the deal. The perfect blend of art and science.

For most organizations AI is still in its infancy, however embracing AI will become increasingly crucial to future marketing efforts. Do not fear the acronym. Instead use AI to become a superstar marketer creating a positive image for your brand, engaging customers in a meaningful way, and driving sales and business growth.