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The following excerpts are from articles which were 100% written by our trained Artificial Neural Network.  After a brief training period on any given topic, our U.S. based AI writers are able to produce unique, original articles with the push of a button. While these articles do not require a human editor, we have found that spending a few minutes to inject your brand's tone and voice, or add personal anecdotes only strengthens the article's overall quality and versatility. 


Excerpt one:


The goal of this REMS is to develop an achievable prescription for a patient who has been in a vulnerable stage of addiction, and to receive a comprehensive treatment program that will be implemented in the clinic. The main advantage of this program is that it much more has been shown to be effective in reducing relapse rates than methadone maintenance treatment, and it is not a good choice for the patients who are not receiving methadone. The CDC has over several years that a number of methadone treatment centers have been established to help their patients. The world health organization conducted a suboxone treatment for opiate addiction study of methadone maintenance treatment in Illinois, which has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Although injection drug use has been beginning to date, the most established and ever-known treatment for opioid dependence is buprenorphine.


excerpt two:


The selected strains were tested for their ability to inhibit the growth of the plant pathogens penicillium adusta and the obligate biotrophic fungus botrytis cinerea. The growth and survival of mycelia was estimated by counting the number of sporulating cells in the nutrient-depleted cultures. The cells were then carefully washed with saline and resuspended in 1 ml of sterile filtered distilled water and transferred to fresh medium. The chitinase activity was estimated by employing the fluorogenic activity of the extracellular polysaccharide-linked oligosaccharides of trichoderma sp. The primer-bound enzyme was selected for each assay and the cells were grown in the same conditions as described.

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