the future of digital marketing



Our patent-pending Artificial Neural Network offers Digital Marketers an on-demand content solution capable of writing thousands of unique and original articles each day.  We are currently generating Tier 1 content which passes human review and achieves very high index rates.


Beyond content creation, our AI platform can also distribute your content and links to a wide variety of private niche-relevant websites.  When combined with your on-site SEO prowess, our proprietary backlinking methods create a potent recipe for organic traffic.  You will see improved search results for your business topic as well as the number of your keywords ranking in the top 5-10 spots. 


Our software engineers have created something truly unique - a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence platform which offers a tangible solution to the plague which all digital marketers, SEO agencies and website owners have come to know all too well - the constant need for original content and organic search traffic.