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On-demand Content

We are proud to offer a true Artificial Intelligence engine for Digital Marketers. We provide content creation and distribution services for Website owners, Digital Marketers, Agencies and anyone else who needs on-demand content and content distribution for their business.

Organic Traffic

Beyond content creation, our AI platform will also increase your brand's visibility and search performance by utilizing our private network of “supporting sites”.  You will see improved results for your keywords and the number of ranking keywords in the top 5 spots. 

Artificial Intelligence

Our software engineers have created something truly unique - a Patent-Pending Artificial Neural Network platform which offers a tangible solution to the plague which all Digital Marketers, Agencies and Website owners have come to know all too well - the constant need for original content and search traffic.


how our AI Writers work


Our patent-pending neural network is capable of learning about any topic and can then produce an unlimited amount of original content. It's Artificial Intelligence that learns, and then writes, just like a human would.  But lucky for you, machines are much quicker and less expensive. 


CONTENT pricing


If original content is a consistent need for your business, we have a solution for you. Our artificial intelligence platform can produce 100% original content on dozens of topics in a matter of minutes. These articles are 500-600 words, but we can produce more or less as needed. The content currently being generated is considered raw and you may wish to inject your own tone. We offer several example articles for you to review prior to purchasing.

5 ARTICLES FOR $100 ($20 EACH)

25 ARTICLES FOR $375 ($15 EACH)

100 ARTICLES FOR $1000 ($10 EACH)


Please note that the pricing shown above is per topic. If you need articles written on multiple topics, you will need to add each topic as a separate item in the cart.


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Along with our Content Creation services, we have developed a proprietary method to increase the search traffic for your website.  While this method will increase organic search traffic to your website, it is not intended to be a singular SEO strategy.  Instead, it should be used as a supplemental boost to any existing SEO strategy.

As with any SEO strategy, results will vary depending on your business niche and keyword competitiveness.  We are not in the business of guarantees or promises, and nobody has a crystal ball.  However, we know first hand that using these proprietary methods WILL improve your SEO, search rankings, and website traffic. 



Our AI for SEO benefits these 3 key areas:

   - Overall organic traffic

   - Number of ranking keywords in the top 5 spots

   - Improved results for your targeted keywords



seo service pricing


Our proprietary SEO method employs a series of customized Support Sites to distribute your content even further across the Internet and creates trusted links to your company website in order to boost SEO, which increases traffic to your website. In turn, this process will also increase your ranking in the various search engines. While this strategy will provide an increase in your SEO, it is not meant to be a stand-alone strategy. Think of it as a sustained, supplemental boost to your existing SEO efforts.


This one-time setup cost covers the initial training of our Neural Network on your keywords and business topics, and also includes:

  • Initial audit of your keyword rankings and any existing SEO practices for benchmarking purposes

  • Advanced Neural Network training and refining on your keywords and business topic

  • Implementation of our proprietary SEO strategy to increase traffic to your website



The monthly service cost provides continued Neural Network learning on your keywords and business topic to consistently increase your SEO in these 3 key areas: Overall organic traffic, Number of ranking keywords in the top 5 spots, and Improved results for your targeted keywords.  Also includes:

  • Original content creation by our trained Neural Network

  • Content distribution using our proprietary methods, backed by our Artificial Intelligence

  • Ongoing Neural Network training on your keywords and business topic

  • Monthly content updates and distribution to your websites and blogs

  • Access to our large private network of linked websites for additional SEO boosting

  • 20 original articles on your business topic, delivered each month via email

  • Monthly reporting to measure and track progress against benchmarks